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6 Best Kayaking Locations in Georgia

6 Best Kayaking Locations in Georgia

6 Best Kayaking Locations in Georgia
The idea of Kayaking in Georgia opens a wide world of possibilities. Because, stretching from the Appalachians down to the Atlantic coast, the southern state offers multiple locations for enjoying the sport. Moreover, kayaking in Georgia can please everyone. That does mean everyone, from the rookie that is afraid to get his feet wet to the adrenaline junkies that cannot settle for something other than a Class IV rapid. Fast flowing mountain streams turn lazy as they meander through the plains. As for the vast network of island and inlets that make up the oceanic façade, they are ideal for those seeking the freedom of the open waters and the joy of exploration.



Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is a mandatory stop for anyone planning a holiday of kayaking in Georgia. Because it is part of the Golden Islands of Georgia barrier.  This means,  the beauty of Jekyll Island offers an incredible blend of natural scenery, wildlife, and great paddling routes. Moreover, the limited time spent ashore can be used to explore the various cultural coordinates of the place like its Native American and colonial past. Getting there is simple because Jekyll Island offers both an easy car access from the mainland and numerous accommodation possibilities.

Monkey Lake - Okefenokee Swamp

Kayaking in Georgia without venturing in one of its many swamps would devoid you of many great stories to tell. Beware of alligators and swamp monsters as you venture in the largest backwater swamp of North America. Okefenokee Swamp is great because it offers a unique sample of untamed wilderness. Don’t forget to apply for a permit weeks ahead and pack bug repellents. A map of the area is required to avoid getting lost.

Chattahoochee Bend State Park

The Chattahoochee River triggers an immediate lust in the mind of everyone who has ever experienced kayaking in Georgia. Why? Let’s just say it is impossible to think of the waters of the southern state without at least briefly considering the impressive paddling potential offered by the mighty river. While kayaking the whole 430 miles would be intimidating, even for the most experienced adventurer, settling with portions of the course, like the Chattahoochee Bend State Park, is the best option.

Stone Mountain Park Lake

Don’t let the name confuse you. You won’t be venturing into Georgia’s mountainous region to find this place. Located just 16 miles east of downtown Atlanta and tangent to highway 78, Stone Mountain Park Lake offers the best compromise for those with little time on their hands or with limited kayaking experience. If you are looking for the best place to kayak near Atlanta then try this spot. There are several lodges and a large campground, which mean that you can stay overnight.

Chestatee River

Kayaking in Georgia must include one of the many northern rivers that spring from the Appalachian Mountains. This is because Chestatee River is by far the most popular destination, offering plenty of segments to choose from. The river takes you not only through breathtaking natural scenery but also brings you back in time. The name of the river is Cherokee, and it means "pine torch place." Native Americans erected large bonfires along the Chestatee to make their hunting easy.

Crooked River

Finally, but not least of the 6 Best Kayaking Locations in Georgia is Crooked River. Geography reserved an ill fate to rivers making their way towards the Atlantic. Crooked River is a typical coastal estuary that will offer you a pleasant journey down to Cumberland Island. The island is home to some of the best wilderness beaches. Because the area is protected, you will need to plan ahead your stay and inform Park Service.