Best Kayaking in Florida – Sunshine State

Best Kayaking in Florida

Best Kayaking in Florida

If you are looking for the Best Kayaking in Florida then you'll be spoilt for choice. Because the Sunshine State offers countless environments that are great for practising kayaking. From the Atlantic coast to the intricate maze of the Everglades, Florida combines raw natural beauty with incredible man-made facilities.  With over 1,540 navigable miles of intra-coastal and inland waterways ,and a coastline of 1,350 miles, the longest of the continental states outside of Alaska. Means that Florida’s geographic location makes it a prime spot for boaters and kayakers alike. 

Loxahatchee River

The Loxahatchee is just one of the two federally designed Wild and Scenic rivers in the entire state of Florida. Riverbend Park and at Jonathan Dickinson State Park are the two launching points for canoe and kayak trips on the river. Loxahatchee is the quintessential Florida river – only 7.6 miles long and flowing lazily towards the Atlantic Ocean, which makes this location provide some of the best Kayaking in Florida.


John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Here you can find the only living coral reef in the entire continental U.S. Kayaking the mangrove straits of this state park will leave you begging for more. While paddling the waters might keep you busy for days, there is always the possibility to experience fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. 


Myakka River State Park

Myakka River is the second designated Wild and Scenic River. Kayakers have many segments to choose from the 58 miles of pinelands, prairies, and wetlands. This kayaking location is a mandatory stop if you are a nature enthusiast who seeks pristine landscapes and the chance to meet some wild animals. Just be careful with those alligators!


Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay offers one of the best locations for kayaking in Florida period. Not only do you get to admire the Miami skyline, but also you kayak protected from the Atlantic Ocean currents. Biscayne Bay is a lagoon. Although most would point out at the waste runoff coming from the city, the bay still abounds in wildlife and is perfect for observing bottlenose dolphins and manatees.


The Everglades

You have no excuse for missing the Everglades, Florida’s emblematic wetlands preserve. Although intimidating in size, it is quite easy to settle with a circuit. Kayaking trough the mangroves and photographing alligators, turtles and other interesting creatures, will make you ignore the physical strain. Consider renting a canoe if you want to experience the region like the natives or the first European explorers.


Indian Key Historic State Park

A kayaking trip down to the small Indian Key Historic Park will offer you a chance to experience the best Kayaking in Florida and also a unique opportunity of exploring a ghost town. The ruins are covered in thick vegetation, and an archeological project is set to start here somewhere in the near future.


Oleta River

Located in Miami, the Oleta River is one of the locations in contention for the Best Kayaking in Florida, because it is the perfect place to test a new kayak/canoe or start your odyssey in search of Florida’s best paddling locations. It is still a mystery how this patch of green survived without being converted into a channel. So go and explore and enjoy.

Best places to Kayak in Florida

The Florida Kayaking Guide: 10 Must-See Spots for Paddling

From the reefs of the Keys and the bays and inlets of South Florida to the moss-covered canopies of ancient Cyprus and mangrove forests, this state has some of the most pristine and beautiful paddling trails.


Best Florida Paddling - by Kayak, Canoe

With more than 1,000 miles of coastline and 1,700 miles of rivers, streams and creeks, many formed by Florida's more than 700 natural springs - plus the temperate climate that allows for paddling year-round - Florida is a paddling paradise. How better to appreciate Florida's natural beauty than at eye level from a kayak or canoe


Florida Paddling Trails Association (FPTA)

This website has information on most water trails in the state including the longest paddling trail in the continental United States, the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail (CT). You can find details on campsites, launches, sights to see and facilities along the trails

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