6 Best Kayaking Locations in North Carolina – Kayak Adventures

6 Best Kayaking Locations in North Carolina - Kayak Adventures

Best Kayaking Locations in North Carolina

Stretching from the Appalachian Mountains in the west all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina offers a rich array of great, and remote, kayaking locations. The former Confederacy state makes life easier for kayak enthusiasts by having a humid subtropical climate that goes well with getting wet and staying wet. Let’s have a look at some of the best kayaking locations in North Carolina.




Merchants Millpond State Park

In the impressive cypress swamps of Merchants Millpond State Park, only alligators can ruin a good day of kayaking. Opened all year-round, the location offers a 760-acre maze that makes it almost impossible to get bored, even after returning here multiple times. You will learn to love and cherish the omnipresent Spanish moss as well as the incredible wildlife.


Price Lake

Located in the Julian Price Memorial Park in North Carolina, Price Lake is the typical mountain lake that invites you for a lazy day of admiring the incredible landscape. Rhododendron, mountain laurel, and pines is the kind of vegetation you will encounter everywhere on the shores. The backdrop of Grandfather Mountain makes anyone anxious for May 1 to come.


Black River

With its lengthy and winding 80km course, Black River is best approached on a multi-day basis. Just take your paddle and minimal camping equipment and consider the welcoming shores for at least one night spent under the stars. Kayaking down Black River can also be done at the height of the summer as the river is provided with enough water to maintain you at a comfortable level above the bottom.


Dan River

Be careful while kayaking down Dan River. You might end up crossing the northern border with Virginia. A map can always make life easier and will enable you to enjoy the 19th-century towns you would pass through. Don’t hesitate to take the whole family with you. Dan River is known for its gentle waters and lack of subtleties.


Fontana Lake

Fontana Lake will introduce you to the incredible beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The 17 miles long reservoir harbors an incredible collection of kayaking courses to enjoy. You can paddle from one to another or settle with exploring the many inlets and islands. You should know those were once valleys and peaks.


Bear Creek Lake

Bear Creek Lake keeps you in the same wonderful mountainous region. This is one of the many lakes and once you are done exploring it with your kayak you might consider relocating to the nearby Cedar Cliff Lake, Wolf Creek Lake, and Tanasee Creek Lake. All four have one thing in common – they will offer you tranquility and peace of mind. All you have to do is to get in your inflatable kayak, paddle away and enjoy the view.