Best Places to Kayak in Southern California

Best Places to Kayak in Southern California

Best Places to Kayak in southern California

The Golden State offers some of the best places to kayak and selecting the top ones is always a difficult task. The incredible sunsets on the Pacific coast will remind you that this was the western terminus point of the American expansion. As for California’s interior, it holds a couple of unusual kayaking spots that will make you anxiously grab the paddle as you book the flight ticket.


La Jolla

Paddling along the La Jolla shores can provide one of the best kayak experience southern California can offer. It is enough to mention the world-renowned coastal cliffs and caves, as well as the rich aquatic wildlife that includes sea lions, dolphins, and the harmless Leopard Sharks. You will be excited to know you will venture in what was once a prime territory for piracy.


Channel Islands

For experienced kayakers, the Channel Islands are one of the best places to kayak in southern California. The islands are far enough from the mainland to generate a challenge. For those less eager to deal with the unpredictability of the Pacific Ocean there are many guided tours. The national park offers spectacular scenery and an abundance of wildlife.


Marina del Rey

Kayaking doesn’t always have to take on rugged waters in search of wild and untamed beauties. Sometimes man-made wonders offer an equally exciting bonus for your efforts to paddle. Marina del Ray might be a crowded and small kayaking spot, but at least you get the chance to admire some of the finest yachts and boats in the world. The world largest small craft harbor is a mandatory stop in your voyage through southern California.


Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge

The Salinas River was fundamental to California’s development. What better way to get a taste of the river system that was influential for John Steinbeck than to paddle its last miles and see it meet the ocean. The Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge is an oasis for many of the region's bird species and nature lovers have a good reason to get excited.


Morro Bay State Marine Reserve

Morro Bay is a prime location for paddlers who want to season the sport with some bird watching. The nearby marine preserve is a testimony to the potential of the place in attracting more than 250 distinct species. The calm waters of Morro Bay is a haven for those unprepared for the ocean.


Salton Sea

Stranded deep inland, Salton Sea is a place of eerie beauty. Because of this it is one of the Best Places to Kayak in Southern California. As you paddle its salt infested waters, you must think of the fact that the Salton Sea appeared as a result of faulty engineering more than 100 years ago. Now the largest lake in California, it has become a magnet for those seeking solitude and inspiration.


Other locations


Tomales Bay, near Inverness.

Morro Bay, north of San Luis Obispo.

Catalina Island, off the coast of Newport Beach,

La Jolla Sea Caves, north of San Diego.

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