Kayaking Trips in Texas – Lone Star State

Kayaking in Texas

Kayaking Trips in Texas

Kayaking Trips in Texas, kayaking and canoeing enthusiast must include the state of Texas on their “to do” list. 15 major rivers and thousands of smaller streams make their way through the Lone Star State. The 3,300 mile-long Gulf Coast completes the picture to why Texas is so great for paddling. From saltwater to white waters, there is a place under the Texan sun for every breed of kayaker out there.

Possum Kingdom Lake

Possum Kingdom Lake is a reservoir on the Brazos River. The name is a reference to the fact that dealing with possum belts was the legendary trade that brought fortune to the first settler of the region. You must paddle trough Hell’s Gate and wonder at the sheer break in the rocky walls. For geology enthusiasts, that acts as a paddle back in time.


Guadalupe River

One of the most inviting Kayaking Trips in Texas is the stretches of flat water to challenging rapids of the Guadalupe River. This means that could easily be considered as the most popular kayaking destinations in Texas. With plenty of segments to choose from, the time of the year is a crucial factor to tell whether you will experience low levels or the impending dangers of a flash flood.


Rio Grande River

The Rio Grande triggers an adrenaline rush into the minds of white water enthusiasts. If you want to feel your blood pumping consider taking a trip to the Big Bend or Lajitas. Especially scenic is the paddle trough the colored walls of the Santa Elena Canyon.


Lady Bird Lake

Who said paddling inside a city is not fun this, then try this Kayaking Trip in Texas? The Lady Bird Reservoir on the Colorado River is situated right in downtown Austin, making it by far the most accessible locations on the list. The incredible cityscape is doubled by the convenience of having multiple launch spots. Reserve a full day of paddling for this great way of experiencing the Texas capital and experience kayaking Austin Texas.


Lighthouse Lakes

 One of the most varied Kayaking Trips in Texas is Lighthouse Lakes. Do not let the name confuse you. We are not talking about clear defined water bodies here. The maze of channels and coastal strips of land is the work of deposits brought in by the Gulf currents. You can choose between trails of various length, most of which will take you through an impressive array of mangroves. Bird watching and visiting the lighthouse can make your Texas kayaking trip even more rewarding.


Caddo Lake

Stretching over the border with Louisiana, Caddo Lake is one of the largest in the South and offers one of the most distinct Kayaking Trips in Texas. As you paddle on the 25,400 acres lake, remember that the local folklore includes hundreds of Bigfoot sightings occurring since 1965. The place looks and feels like a swamp, and you could experience the thrill of meeting alligators face to face.

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