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Best Kayaking Locations in Arizona

Best Kayaking Locations in Arizona


Are you looking for the best Kayaking locations in Arizona? Kayaking in Arizona might sound like a joke to those convinced that the entire state is a hot and dry desert. Although levels vary widely across the year, there are many important lakes and rivers that preserve waters deep enough to accommodate your paddles. The following locations in Arizona are what we believe to be the best one can find in the Grand Canyon State. Check out the location map below.

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Lake Powell

Lake Powell is one giant playground for kayak enthusiast. So, it is one of the best kayaking locations in Arizona In fact, it is the largest man-made reservoir in the entire United States. Technically, you could paddle into nearby Utah, but the Arizona side has both Antelope Island and Glen Canyon Dam. The breathtaking and emblematic Horseshoe Bend is just a couple of miles down the Colorado River.


Little Colorado River

The Little Colorado River will introduce you to a new type of kayaking – paddling dry washes. The harsh Arizona climate keeps smaller rivers dry for the most part of the year. However, the rains that typically pour down in July and August turn the otherwise empty washes into a Paradise for kayaks. Little Colorado is particularly interesting between Joseph City and Winslow.


Lake Mead National Recreational Area

At first, Lake Mead might not seem like the brightest choice for a kayaking trip. With all those motorized boats, traffic safety is one extra thing to worry about. However, finding secluded areas is as simple as inquiring at the local marinas. The 112 miles long lakes has a 759-mile long shoreline. You will find waters just right for you!


Colorado River

Kayaking the Colorado River is definitely one of the best Kayaking locations in Arizona, and the state of Arizona offers some of the best conditions. However, one must consider many factors before venturing down the mighty water backbone of the southwest. From fluctuating water levels due to the many dams, to planning overnight stays, and choosing a segment, the perfect Colorado River kayaking trip could be a logistical nightmare. Cattail Cove State Park is a good starting point.


Lake Roosevelt

Lake Roosevelt has the advantage of being close to Phoenix (just 1 hour and a half of driving). It doesn’t end there. If you dread filling your day with kayaking, you have the possibility to combine it with some fishing.


Big Lake

Big Lake is one kayaking destination that will take up to 9,000 ft. Regarded as one of the best mountain lakes in terms of fishing, Big Lake will offer a unique kayaking experience. The moderate summer temperatures offer the best possible refuge in the whole state of Arizona. Trout and rainbow are the predominant fish species you can catch here.



Kayaking in Arizona

Arizona is a fantastic spot to kayak or raft. The striking contrast between water & desert is quite surprising. It is not unusual to find wild animals over the banks of the rivers because water is the most useful resource in a desert. This smooth-water float is an excellent chance value the wonder of our natural ecosystem and to see wildlife in their own native habitat. Water temperatures have been in the 60s in winter months and increase to low 80s in the summertime.