Inflatable Kayak for Duck Hunting – Camouflage Kayak

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Inflatable Kayak for Duck Hunting - Camouflage Kayak

Why use a kayak for duck hunting? Weight is the very first class where the kayak wins. Because it is light (40 to 70 pounds, with respect to the version and accessories), it may be easily loaded on the roof of a vehicle, including a tiny car. Lightweight boats are not as likely to get stuck in the mud of a shallow marsh, and it's a simple process to wiggle and push free in the event you do get stuck. A shallow draft allows one to manoeuvre through mere inches of water to retrieve a downed duck or neatly tuck yourself along with your rig in the reeds to ambush unsuspecting waterfowl. Kayaks are very quiet in the water compared to your flat bottomed, square-hulled johnboat. Stealth is the key to good duck hunting, especially when attempting to leap-shoot ducks loafing in a secluded backwater. This opens alternatives for hunters who may not have access to a heavy duty vehicle to trailer a boat that is larger and heftier. Its light weight permits the kayak to be launched by hand from just about any shoreline, and allows for easy portaging. On my first duck hunting trip with my kayak. Simply unload filled fill the kayak with hunting tools, climbed, launch and paddle away to the breaking morning within minutes of arriving at a distant kayak duck hunting area.


The laws under the Migratory Birds Act say that before it is possible to fire, boats that are powered by a motor must be turned off and have ceased their forward motion. While it is quiet enough to create a stealthy approach, turning it off and coming to some stop really doesn’t work for hop- shooting at ducks. That boat has turned into a duck that is portable blind – paddle to where you need to hunt, set up and wait. Kayaks do not have a motor, so jump- shooting at ducks and taking them by surprise works nicely. As a bonus for the solo hunter, one man can simply propels kayaks.

You will find two basic types of hunting from a kayak. The first is hop-shooting. This functions well in wetlands that are elaborate with lots of pockets and emergent vegetation of water that is open.  Cruise the edges of lazy creek channels. Paddle. Glide. Prepare your shotgun. Shoot if there are ducks available. This really is a productive and very relaxing approach to cover lots of water. However. this would be even more productive in a two-man kayak. The back hunter would provide the paddling effort, while the front paddler is the shot. 

Backwater Kayak Hunting

The next way you may use the kayak will be to reach areas not reachable by foot. Shooting could be carried out standing in the marsh vegetation and sitting in the kayak or pulling your kayak to land. Whichever approach you decide on, the kayak is an excellent solution to place decoys, particularly in soft, tacky sediment or deeper water. Most marshes have a lot of secluded places take ducks all day and to put in place. You can spend time to indicate your GPS on great places so they are easily found in the pre-dawn hours.