Inflatable Kayak? Which Inflatable Kayak to use?

inflatable kayak - which kayak to use

Which Inflatable Kayak Should you choose?

Choosing the right inflatable kayak is important. You'll need to consider at the outset exactly how you intend to use your inflatable. Will you be taking trips by yourself? Or will you need room for other passengers or equipment? the basic 1 person inflatable kayaks do allow some storage space, but for long trips, where you will need overnight supplies or camping equipment then, if travelling solo a 2 person kayak may prove to be the best choice. For family, or large party adventures, a 4 or 5 person kayak would obviously be best. 

Then you'll have to think about the type of water and kayaking you will be aiming for. For slower waters and lakes a wider kayak may be best. If it's speed and manoeuvrability that you need, then a narrow faster moving inflatable kayak would be best. For Sea fishing you may want to ensure that the kayak has a skirt or be able to have one fitted. Some good advice here at UK rivers guide.