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When you are on the rivers that run through forests, and jungles, you will be able to connect with the waters and beauty of nature

3 Reasons You Should Learn to Kayak

3 Reasons You Should Learn To Kayak When it comes to learning new things, there are those that are cerebral and those that are physical. Amidst the many physical options that you are going to want to pursue, the physical can showcase a lot of different experiences. 3 Reasons You […]

Florida Backwater Safari Kayaking

Florida Backwater Safari Kayaking

A Backwater Safari Kayak Adventure.   Florida Backwater Safari Kayaking – An adventure in the Florida keys. A great dive from an inflatable kayak, just shows the versatility of these types of craft.

Kayaking Adventures - Backwater Safari

Kayaking Adventures – Pack your Kayak

You don’t need to go far for adventure, pack your kayak find a river and choose your own backwater safari. Whether on vacation or you are lucky enough to live close to a river, heading out to adventure, explore and experience a water way without the noise of a motor […]